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All my previous birthdays were good! but not as good as this years'. This year was a special day! I knew it from quite sometime that I'll be in IISc for on my birthday.. Yesterday I had plans of not going on day 3 of because it was my birthday, Soon i had to ask myself this question.. "what will i do at home??" After sometime we were assigned some work by Pradeepto which made sure that i'll be attending day 3 also.

Pradeepto Bhattacharya is the a KDE developer from India. Day 3 of was a KDE project day. It included various sessions by Pradeepto, Adriaan De Groot (Adriaan is the Vice president of KDE e.V), Sharan Rao, Piyush and others.. Many of them were GSoC students in the previous years. The first session was from Pradeepto, He started speaking, the first thing he did was to announce the release of the KDE manual. He thanked the 7 of us : Me, Madhu [ the boss ] , Vattam, Aditya Kavoor, Abhishek, Aditya Udupa and Shantanu. He used IRC nicks more frequently than our actual names. Hall was filled with an audience of around 80 members, They all clapped for us. he did mention that it was my birthday during the announcement . I was not getting any calls or messages since there was no network at the seminar hall I was sitting in :(. Used to come out and reply in free time.

The sessions were really great, it was really helpful from a developers' perspective. Lot of tutorials on Cmake, Plasmoids, Solid etc. After sometime I met Aanjhan. He asked me for the patch I had written the previous day.

On day 2, there was a Gnusim8085 workout. This hacking session focussed on getting some core issues fixed in Gnusim8085, interested folks can visit the project page. Aanjhan had arranged for a room for this.. The rooms were named AX, BX, CX etc.. All the registers of a microprocessor! I was impressed . We started looking for errors, Aanjhan wrote most of the issues on a board availabe in the room. I chose a random number and found that it was an improvement in the simulator. The simulator supported data input in only hexadecimal and Decimal. There was a request to enable to more notations like binary, octal. It was nice to search for the code which performs it, in the source. After sometime i discovered what has to be done. And I did fix it. I was told by Aanjhan that the patch is committed. I'm happy that my first contribution to the FOSS community came on my birthday .

Now coming back to the KDE project. Towards the end, 7 of us were called on stage and we were given Qt Books. Hope I make good use of it.. This was followed by a song. This was written by the KDE guys. Adriaan sang it.. it was awesome.. Loved it totally. We were also given 2 KDE shirts. I thank the KDE team for this. Till now i had a feeling that my birthday was being sponsored by KDE

After I returned, I got a call from Abhishek asking me to come to Beijing Bites. I could hear Shankari and Raghu speak loudly in the background . It was supposed to be a surprise party. I must say that it wasn't a well kept secret. Sanjay had messaged me by mistake regarding this very surprise a little earlier . Many of my friends had gathered there, which included Abhishek, Raghu, Mitra, Amitha, Arvind, Shafi, Sanjay, Samarth, Smruthi and Shankari. They had got a cake.( Chandan couldn't make it, he had come home in the noon when i wasn't there.) The first time i was cutting a cake on my bday. After that i received greeting cards. Very nice ones . It was followed by few gifts, hmmmm.. I must say a lot of them. It included a memory card for my phone, a shirt, a jacket. I couldn't have asked for anything more than that . I thank each one of my friends for making my 21st birthday memorable thanks a lot

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