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Farewell to seniors.. 31-May-2008

It was that time of the year when the final year students start expecting a farewell from their juniors. I'm glad we didn't disappoint them .. We had to postpone it twice! Many of us had given up hopes of having one actually, but it happened on may 18th

Me, Madhu, Vattam, Puneeth, and nithin had decided that we'll be taking care of all the back-end work. It all started with collecting the money from our batchmates and juniors.. Believe me, It was the toughest task .. I was just wondering whether we'll be able to reach the budget we had thought of, that didn't happen. Many of us had to shell out some extra money from our pockets. This may seem funny, we are collecting the money even now Initially we used to have meetings and the turn out was like 8, 10 etc.. There was some election duty for our lecturers, so there were no classes at all. We couldn't meet so many because of this. Somehow it gained momentum after sometime.

In the mean while, raghu was busy shooting a video for the farewell.. it was inspired by Manipal medical college's video (summer of 69). Of course with all local actors (including me) . They had put in a lot of effort in making the video. Some 3 days of shooting from morning to evening in college. It came out really well.. It didn't go waste, All our seniors liked it a lot, even our lecturers including the HOD appreciated the work. Good job raghu!!

The real fun began on the day of farewell!! I had informed everyone to come to the indoor stadium at 12. It was 1 in the noon and only 4 or 5 of us present. There was a lot of work to be done. First and foremost thing was to clean the indoor stadium, followed by setting up the stage. We decided to start arranging the stage at 1:45, we wanted more guys to do that since all the slabs were very heavy to move. Madhu and vattam searched for broom sticks and started cleaning the indoor stadium. I was jobless and i decided to take a video of the same. Me and puneeth realized that both the kelsadavaru(sweepers) were GSoC finalists for the year 2008. { Google summer of code is an initiative by google to involve students in open source projects, and both madhu and vattam were among the 1125 students all over the world, feels great! isn't it?! } We burst out laughing. In the mean while, shastri got hold of another broomstick and he started practising cricket shots

After sometime, abhi, naveena, bipin, nishant, srinivas, raghavendra and gang gave entry.. I'm sorry if i have missed any names. Thats when we started setting up the stage. It was all over after some time. Me and madhu had to leave to get chairs, carpets, lights, screen etc.. which were hired from outside the college. Amitha took care of most of the decoration along with few others. The stage was all set.

We had kept the projector screen in our department lab, So we had to get the keys form HOD. Me and madhu left again, but madhu had to return back to college because of some work mid-way. I went to HOD's house, he offered me some juice and he told me that Our lab in charge will be getting it opened in sometime. I was about to leave, when he said " Madhu ge helbidappa, 'juice miss madkonde antha'" { Inform madhu that he missed juice at my place } Haha LOL..

Farewell finally started at around 7:15.. We saw some great performances by many of our classmates. samarth, sanjay, chandan, seema sang well.. The instrumental was great, Rachan, sagar on keys; Vinod on flute and smruthi on violin. They played kal ho na ho. Everyone liked it.. I couldn't witness many programs as i was busy with other work. One of the most unexpected and brilliant performance was from pratyush. He sang 'O mere dil ke chain'. It was simply awesome.. everyone just loved it.. It was followed by a song from our HOD after that we played the video which was a hit. We had fashion show, some dance programs from shankari, veena, jyotsna, sneha, jayanthi, vedashree, shivangi. Even harshit danced that day!! This was the first time we saw some nice collaboration between localites and hostelites, everyone was happy about it.

We asked many of our seniors to come and talk on stage. Roshan, Ajay BS, nithish, nida and shravani, aparna, aditya spoke about our branch and all the fun they had. It was good. We requested prathima to sing a song, she obliged. One of our senior Vijay came forward to sing two songs, 'Mungaru maleye' and 'Anisuthide yako indu'. He was just too good. Later on we came to know that he sings for many TV channels. He tried to get it very close to the original. Great performance!

Coming to the most important thing, THE FOOD!.. We had given the responsibility of food to nithin, he was a little tensed regarding the same. He was relieved when everyone said, food is yummy. It could be seen on his face. We had to wrap up everything and reach home at the earliest. It was already late. some 10 to 15 of us finished the work and left the place. The next morning we had to finish off all the remaining work and write Computer graphics 2nd and 3rd internals (half an hour break in between ) none of us were in a position to write.. we got it cancelled, went back and slept! That was the story about farewell. It was a great one.. we'll remember it for a very long time

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