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We come across so many incidents in our country that make us wonder what is wrong with us. Some of these incidents are very stupid while some tend to be very serious. Media blows anything and everything out of proportion and in many cases, selective reporting gives viewers an entirely different picture. We often hear the phrase "Paid media" and general VK Singh has expressed his frustration regarding the same on several occasions. And this is not something happening in our country alone. Several international media companies are being accused of the selective reporting in case of refugee crisis in Europe [1] Why would they do something like this?

I was curious about the refugees crisis in Europe which led me to read a little bit more about the same and stumbled upon an interview of Yuri Bezmenov, an ex-KGB agent who was undercover in India and Canada. He talks about a process known as subversion. It is a systematic way of tearing a nation apart. Many countries employ this on their enemies. In fact, he says that waging a war against a country is very foolish. In his exact words - "The highest form of warfare is not to fight at all". This talk [2] happened sometime in 1985 and it is amazing to see how we can see the result of this with our own eyes today.

Subversion has 4 steps


- This process usually takes about 15 - 20 years. As the name suggests, this makes citizens of the country demoralized. The reason why it takes 15 to 20 years is because it is the time needed to educate a generation. This step infects fundamental building blocks of a nation or society. At 10:14 in the video, there is a table which talks about all the methods employed and corresponding results of each method.

Religion - Destroy and ridicule religion which results in Fights / Deaths
Education - Ignorance
Media - Uninformed Myopia
Culture - Addictive fads
Law and Order - Mistrust in Justice
Security - Defenselessness
Family, Society - No loyalty
Labor - Victimization

With each of these fundamental building blocks of a nation attacked, it is very hard to be not demoralized. In any democracy there are several movements that are against the government or the ruling party. Subverters capitalize on these movements. They will appoint members who can systematically bring a divide in the country. From the following video [3] in which Yuri talks about the process -

A large amount of time is spent in amassing information about people who are instrumental in creating public opinion - publishers, intellectuals, editors, journalists, actors, professors, members of parliament, members of business circles. These members were divided into groups, those who were working in accordance of the soviet policy, they were promoted to the positions of power through media and public opinion manipulation. Those who refuse this would be character assassinated or executed physically.

"We reach movie makers, intellectuals, so called academic circles, cynical ego centric people who can look into your eye and tell you a lie. These are the most recruitable people, people who lack moral principles, people who are either too greedy, or suffer from self importance. These are the people who we wanted to recruit. When their job is done, they are not needed. They know too much."

In one instance (26:00), Yuri says the following about equality - People are not born equal and no religion which talks about equality. in fact, what religion says is the quite opposite, You are judged by your deeds and what you do is important. Yet we build our society on the basis of equality, which is a lie and at some point of time, it will collapse.

Another very powerful way to get things done is via sympathy. It induces some sort of guilt among decision makers and at some point of time they succumb to the pressure mounted by media and unwashed masses who have little to no information about the complete picture. Remember the Syrian boy who drowned? Or take a look at this video [4] - media selectively picks images and portrays as though the refugees are being ill treated by military and the government, there by showing the government in bad light. We often see Palestine civilians as being victimized by media. I would like to share this one conversation that I had with fellow interns at Google, we were talking about Israel and Palestine conflict and how a civilians were suffering. Soon, one of the intern who was from Israel(and had worked with Israel military in the intelligence wing for 3 years) said the following - "It is simple math, Hamas fires rockets on Israel. Each of their rockets cost $500 to $1000 and each one of our Iron Dome interceptor costs $50k. If we don't go offensive, we will not be able to protect our people for long, it is just that Hamas takes cover behind civilians and there is very little that we can do about it". A country cannot fight in defensive mode forever, that's when it shifts to defensive offense. I highly recommend watching this talk of Ajit Doval, National security advisor to Prime Minister Narendra Modi [5] to understand more about the same.

He makes one statement - Subverters are not spies who come to your country and blow up bridges like in hollywood movies, they are people who might have come on an exchange program, or someone who is an artist or an actor etc.. They(sleepers) go to a sleep mode and are re-activated during destabilization.


This takes about 2 to 5 years. This is a stage where members of the society cannot reach a compromise situation and they want to get it resolved by either moving to a court or fight with each other. Even for the smallest of quarrels. Relationships are radicalized - it could be between universities and students, employees and workers etc.. There are groups of people that come together to protest again certain issues. Most of the sleepers who were trained by the subverters, they become leaders and public figures of these groups. They start talking about political issues and start demanding rights, respect and equality and what not. There are violent clashes between his group and police. Sometimes with fire arms. These so called public figures get funds from various organizations which want to destabilize a nation.


This stage takes only about 2 to 6 months - A stage where legitimate / elected bodies of power cannot function any more. At this time there are several fake organizations injected by the subverters. There are a lot of strikes and protests. People are tired of protesting and they need some strong man who can lead them and have a strong government. There comes a savior - Either a foreign nation comes in (Invasion) or there is a local group of leftists / marxists (Civil war).


At this stage, the nation is completely torn apart and now the subverter tries to bring the situation to a stabilized state. All the actors, intellectuals, professors who helped in the previous two stages are no longer needed and they are eliminated. The new rulers need stability to exploit the country and they don't need revolutionaries.

If we go through the entire process, we can start correlating it with a lot of events we have seen in our country in the last few years. What stage of subversion are we in? What countries could be targeting us? Can we trust all nations that seem to be friendly with us? From Ajit Doval's talk, it seems like India has not ventured into this subversion business yet but I feel it is this very nature of our country which makes india like-able by a lot of other countries.

Couple of days back, Narendra Modi in his UK talk, asked citizens to not pay much attention to selective reporting of media and the country is too huge to be generalized. I sometimes feel that our government is operating at a different level altogether. If it has recognized that a demoralized country is not a healthy state to be in and is working relentlessly to come out of it. I would consider that as a huge step in the direction of progress. The way world sees India today is very different from the way it used to be 2 years back. It is interesting to see that the method suggested by Yuri to bring back the nation to its normal state is through religion. Apparently, that is something which holds people together according to him. And probably the main reason why it is attacked so frequently.

As citizens, we all have some responsibility towards our nation, for a long time, I used to wonder why we have so many issues here. But now, it makes a lot of sense. All along, we knew that something was wrong with our mainstream media but we didn't know the motive. But that is no longer the case.In the video, Yuri says -

"You cannot subvert a nation that does not want to be subverted".

It is our job to educate people around us and to ensure that we don't add to the already demoralized state of our nation. In this post, there is very little original content, but I just wanted to compile everything in one post so that it is easy to share and read - instead of watching a 1.5+ hour video. If you have time, please go through the videos linked.

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