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Porting to Django 14-Dec-2011

I recently came across a job posting by Kyle of In the second line, it read

"We are porting the website from RoR to Django"

what?! That is probably the first time someone is actually porting their application from RoR to Django. at least the first one I am coming across. I really don't know the reason why is doing that. But I am happy to know that Django is being taken seriously by a lot of companies which are serving heavy traffic. is a YCombinator funded startup and it is doing a fantastic job w.r.t streaming Videos. Some other companies which are serving humongous amount of traffic using Django include Disqus (A commenting framework), Spotify( Music sharing on social networks) etc..

Not just this, an Indian company which is doing great in the recent times, inMobi is porting a bunch of its Java applications to Python. One of the architect there talks about it. I am quoting it from his linkedin profile :

Movement into Python from incumbent technology platform - Java, is the company's strategic initiative with foresight to enable better maintainability of software, faster turn around time for new requirements and most of all, to keep developers happy.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has migrated to Python/Django recently from other frameworks. and also what made them chose Django over other options available.

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