Founder & CTO @SMERGERS & @wealthrox
Past - Dev Infra @Google · RF @NI · CS @USC

Founder & CTO @SMERGERS & @wealthrox
Dev Infra Intern @Google NYC RF @NI-WCDMA
Computer Science @USC
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Every year it so happens that a number of events come at once and I end up designing for most of them. It all started with Utsav 2006, I was very much impressed with all the design work and I wanted to learn it too. The first poster I made looked horrible 😛 and I had used inkskape for it. One of the reasons I used inkscape was that it supported SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics, which stores all our work as a XML file and it can be enlarged to any resolution without loss in quality of the image) Later on I got used to Photoshop, went through numerous tutorials to learn it well.

Next up was our ISE Dept fest Genesis, I tried my best to come up with good content. Many liked it, Designed the website as well. This work got me some recognition and I was asked to work for Utsav 08. This is when I realized how difficult designing is.. Its not easy to convince a person with art work. Something liked by one may not be liked by another person. The worst part about it is corrections, it is more irritating when the extra work is due to corrections in the source and not because of my mistake!!

Recently, I Had a very hard time designing the Utsav 2009 brochure. The changes were as silly as "taking out Basavanagudi from the address of BMSCE" etc. I worked for other Events/Organizations too, some of them apart form Utsav and Genesis are Acad DevCon ( Event conducted by Microsoft Student Partners in association with Microsoft and INETA) , Nova (A start up which deals with event management). With so much time spent on designing, I never got any time for other interests of mine, which includes programming (Wish i had written more code!!). Currently I'm very much frustrated with designing, so took a break to write this 😛 Watch out for more posters and similar stuff this season 😊