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Blogging after a long time, Don't know whether it was because of internals
The All India Microsoft student partners meet was held in Goa this year. All MSPs were excited about it. Anil and Lakshman got the tickets reserved. We left to Goa on the eve of 10th October. The journey was awesome, Lakshman was the target as usual , kept teasing him through out the trip . It started raining at round 9:30, Lightning was more powerful than any camera flash It was very good to see. I slept for a while and got up at around 4, we had reached Karwar by then. I could see the beach, it was probably the first time i saw some beach in the night, it was amazing.

We reached Panjim bus stand at around 7 AM, from there we left to Mahalasa temple, We saw the temple, had breakfast and visited another temple, Mangeshi. We headed towards the church with all our luggage. It was tiring. After seeing these places, we returned to Panjim bus stand, Microsoft had arranged a bus from bus stand to the La Calypso Resort. The rooms were very luxurious. The resort was located very close to Baga beach, all of us went to the beach soon after getting fresh. On that day we had a session on [email protected], It was a repetition for the Bangalore MSPs . The session was followed by a mad ads kind of a thing. Our team(randomly picked) didn't do that well. Raveesh's team won. They did a very good job. We had dinner and went to the beach again. It looked amazing in the night, stayed there till 11.

Me, sattvik and one guy from Orissa were allotted a room. Third guy was Nishant Das Patnaik. He has co-authored a book with Ankit Fadia on Network security. It was nice meeting him. Next day,there were sessions by Lakshman on Robotics, Diwaagar and Arvind on XNA gaming, krishnaa(not me) on Microsoft windows server 2008. Everyone did a good job. A party was arranged for all of us in the night. Almost everyone was dancing, Of course Raveesh was the best . I preferred seeing others dance. It was fun. We used to go to beach every now and then, it had become a habit, but this time we spent a lot of time, Beach looked AWESOME! better than the previous night, probably because of the moonlight. We did play few games there. By the time we came back it was 3 AM. Many of us didn't want to sleep. Anil was busy planning for next day. We all decided to go to Chappora Fort. This was the best place, loved it completely.

After coming back, we went back to the seminar hall, Most of us were sleepy because we hadn't slept last night, still managed to listen to the sessions. We were shown how to write gadgets for windows vista(found it very easy, the gadgets we see are created using DHTML and the functionality is implemented using javascript), some cool demos on .net etc.

The camp ended at around 4 in the eve. All of us left to Panjim bus stand where we were supposed to board our bus. Even Chennai guys were with us this time. Overall it was a great event. Met MSPs from other cities, learnt a lot of new things. I thank everyone associated with this for making it a memorable event.

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