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Founder & CTO @SMERGERS & @wealthrox
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I wanted to share a couple of things regarding placements and how it is from a placement coordinators' point of view. This is my first post about placements so before anything else, one quick round of introduction of placement coordinators who have made the hectic work, a little enjoyable!

Chetan G (EC)
Sriram Adiga (EC)
Pradeep Mallya (Telecom)
Rajath Subramanyam (CSE)
Fayaz (CSE)
Chandan (ISE)
Suhas (Electrical)
Mithun Athreya (Mechanical)
Rupesh Iyengar (Mechanical)
Hersh (Medical Electronics)
Varshitheya (Instrumentation)
Karthik B T (IEM)
Abhiram (Civil)
Charan (Chemical)
Vinay Shanbhogue (Biotech)
Vinay (Mfg Sc)
Vivek (MCA)

TCS was the first company that visited our campus (18th July). The number of students who appeared for the online test on day 1 was around 960. 4 labs (ISE, CSE, MCA and Internet lab) were used for the same. Registration numbers were given branchwise and students were called in for the test according to the allotted numbers. The task of placement coordinators was to make everyone stand in line and send the specified number of students to one of the labs. This is where all the fun began 😉 We have a portable mic and speaker (its something similar to what Vishnuvardhan had in the movie Nishkarsha 😛 ). Mithun took charge of the mic and this is what happened..

Mithun : All E&C students from BMS___ to BMS___ stand according to your registration numbers.
(After 10 minutes, the line is ready!)
Mithun : Test for the current batch is going on, you all can relax for the next half an hour!!

LOL!! Probably it was the first time everyone was standing in a line after school 😛. The mic proved very helpful in addressing so many ppl, Mithun preferred switching it on for smallest of the smallest things 😉 Everyone could hear things like "Aye, who is that running i say?!" etc from time to time. 😛
In the mean time we were seeing everyone busy studying, rather mugging for the test. Its not their fault, TCS gives the same question paper year after year so most of them relied on it. We did hear something like this also:

"Dog bandre d,e,e,c,a; University bandre a,e,b,d,d" - lol

No offense meant to anyone.

The first day we had food at placement office. Felt as if we had earned it ourselves. We are bored of the same food now, after having akki rotti for so many days, Varshi and karthik were planning to go to a dentist due to pain in jaws 😉

It was 5 in the eve by the time everyone finished their test. We were told that the results of round 1 will be announced by 6:30 but it was out only by 7:45 or so. PCs who had appeared for TCS didn't have any time to think about it at all, we all were arranging tables for interview. Then came the results, 603 shortlisted candidates had their interviews on the next day.

Interviews started from 9:30. Only 5 PCs were not appearing for the interview(Me, Rupesh, Karthik, Suhas and Hersh). So managing these 603 candidates was a real difficult task. We did it pretty well. Around 70 members from TCS had come for the selection process. The final results were announced the next day. I can understand how anxious everyone would be to know their results. Many wouldn't have slept that night and I'm sure all PCs would have slept by 10:30 max 😛

372 students had got placed (47 from my branch alone), the results were put up on the notice board next day at 9. TCS had organized for a small function at 11 where they gave offer letter to the selects. Everyone was happy, many did thank me for the help during placements but i really don't know if i deserve it. Suhas had something better to say.. 😉

EEE guys : "Hey thanks kano"
Suhas : "Thanks yella beda, i won't get my lunch box in 7th sem.. Everyday, one of you will have to treat me" 😛

Wipro was next, which was followed by Infosys. I was waiting for it all this time. Infosys had a shared slot with Accenture. PCs hardly had any time to prepare but others( Not all 😊 ) were revising RS Agarwal for the Nth time 😛. I was a bit scared about it but I managed to get both the offers 😊 I chose Infosys 😊

I have already typed 3901 characters(Courtesy : $wc placement.txt) but the story never ends and there are so many things which i forgot to mention about. Even if i keep one 200 pages notebook, it won't be sufficient 😛 Thats all for now. Hope you enjoyed reading this and feel free to comment on this. 😊