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Founder & CTO @SMERGERS & @wealthrox
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Its almost 3 to 4 months since the Shaastra publicity team came to our college.. (Shaastra is the annual Technical fest of IIT Madras). Few of us had decided to come for it at any cost this year.. Since it will be the last chance to come as a student.

In the end, Only 3 of us were attending it, rest couldn't make it due to various reasons. Me, madhu and Vattam left to Madras today morning at around 8. Met many others in train who were coming for shaastra as well. The train had just started moving, that's when the newspaper guy gives an entry. We get to hear this :

Hindu, Deccan Herald, Bangalore times. Hindu, Deccan Herald, Bangalore times

Now i'm totally convinced that Times of India is existing just because of Bangalore times 😉

After sometime we were getting bored, Thank god vattam had brought his laptop. Madhu started looking at some python E-books. I was wondering what to do, I was carrying Algorithms book but i wasn't interested in reading it.. We bought a Rubik's cube, we don't know how the next 1 or 2 hours went 😊 Watched an episode of HOUSE.. We reached Madras at around 3:30PM. Madhu's friend had come to receive us. Madhu and vattam went to IIT in a local train. I had decided to stay in my aunt's house, so I came looking for an auto. I doubt if any auto driver has turned on the meter till date. 180 rupees from station to house!!! Prepaid will be much less, I was very impatient so i took an auto.

After some rest, I left to IIT by 6 in the eve. This time i preferred other modes of transport 😛 Buses are the best if we consider cost. They charge 3 rupees for 10 KMS. The campus is very huge, there's a free bus service inside the campus. Took some 10 minutes to travel from the main gate to the hostel in the bus!! Many MSPs from Bangalore were in chennai for TechVista. Returned home by around 10. Overall it was great.. First day was good. Hoping for some great sessions in the coming days. Will post more about it after the fest. 😊