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ROR (Ruby on Rails) has a feature called scaffolding. which basically creates controllers and views for CRUD operations on a model. This saves a lot of time. More importantly creating them ourself is quite a painful task.

So we(I, madhu and sattvik) thought it would be good to have something like scaffolding for django. We searched for already existing tools to do the same.. but we did not find anything significant and even if something existed, it was like for older versions of django(0.96).

django-scaffold project was doing something different than what ROR scaffold does. So we named this tool django-groundwork, since it does all the groundwork needed before we actually get started with the interesting work.

This tool does most of the basic work ( the implementation is not very clean though We will try to update it from time to time..
Here is the github link:

Feel free to pass it on to other django developers.

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